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Live training is why we originally launched the business and it’s what we’re famous for – and our events continue to attract thousands of people every year.

Now held exclusively online, thousands of people have participated in Wealth Dragons live training events. Our most popular ones are detailed below – why not book your place at an online event now?

Property investing - Key topics include:

  • How to get on the property ladder without having to save for years for a deposit

  • The two top strategies that allow you to recycle your deposits and build a property portfolio fast

  • Why you cannot rely on rental income to sustain your property portfolio and the alternative strategies to boost your cash flow

  • The truth about no-money-down deals and how they work in reality

  • Why the ultimate goal in property is to own nothing but control everything

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Social media marketing - Key topics include:

  • How to get more followers on social media and grow your brand

  • How to search for niches that are in demand

  • How to get more engagement on your social media channels

  • How I got a video to reach 10 million people using the FME strategy

  • How to get big influencers to promote your products and services

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Online businesses - Key topics include:

  • How to become a successful online entrepreneur in today's market

  • How to develop products/services that people would love to buy from Day 1

  • How to grow a strong online brand

  • How to create multiple streams of income

  • How to generate more leads and convert more sales for your business

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Public speaking - Key topics include:

  • The Four Secrets for wowing your audience on stage or on camera

  • How to get bullet-proof confidence

  • How to speak to inspire and influence

  • The best formula to teach content with clarity

  • How to sell elegantly with no effort

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Crypto investing - Key topics include:

  • The leading cryptocurrencies – what they are and how they differ

  • How to invest or trade in cryptocurrencies

  • The role of staking and lending

  • How to participate in blockchain by mining or receiving rewards

  • Making money by airdrops and creating content on social media platforms

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Forex trading - Key topics include:

  • How to trade in market currencies and make income from home

  • The mechanics of how currencies are traded and quoted

  • Finding the right forex broker

  • Arbitrage – what it is and where the opportunities lie

  • Developing an approach and routine that works for you

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Hundreds of Events

Thousands of Attendees

What they’re saying

“I learnt more in three days than I did for four years studying finance at university.”

Anthony Thomas

“Within 9 months my business achieved 7 figures in half the time. Apart from that I got more than 120,000 followers on my Facebook. Some of my videos have achieved more than 1.2m views allowing me to spread my message. Thank you!”

Mark Leung

“I went from being in a corporate job earning £85k a year to making £40k a month as a coach…I am living in Andorra now and super happy.”

Aguta Galuska

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