About Wealth Dragons

About US

Wealth Dragons was founded in 2009. Our initial focus was on live events and training programmes dedicated to property investing, business entrepreneurship, online trading and public speaking.

These were so successful that, by 2019, many thousands of people from all over the world were attending them annually.

In the same year, Wealth Dragons became the first UK company in our industry to be listed on a stock market. We chose one of the world’s oldest and most respected, the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Then Covid hit in early 2020. We knew that we had to adapt – fast. We re-oriented towards e-learning, an already growing market that was now given a big boost by lockdown.

We moved all our events and training online. But we also took the decision to go much further. We could see that, even when lockdown restrictions were eased, the demand for e-learning would continue to accelerate. We could also see that there were opportunities for doing it much better – and for broadening the overall market.

That’s why we decided to create, Consultz which is set to transform the world of online advisory, and provides a disruptive model, that directly monetises experts time. We believe that Consultz will also create an attractive environment for Investors.

For more details on what we do and investing in Wealth Dragons, please, contact us.