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About Consultz

Consultz builds on the ongoing revolution in the way people seek and receive information.

Users seek high-quality advice tailored to their needs, while experts are ready to provide that one-to-one information, at the right price.

Consultz is the first social media app designed to bring them together via one-to-one video consultations – and benefit both.

Right advice, right price, right away

Seeking expert advice is not a new phenomenon, of course. Search engines, books, videos, seminars, one-to-one meetings – they all have their advantages. But they have plenty of disadvantages too. Too much information, for instance, with no guarantee as to its quality or relevance. Or maybe the right advice – though expensive and hard to access quickly.

But consultz will change all that. Users will be able to find and access expert advice tailored exactly for their needs, quickly and affordably. And experts will be able to share and monetise their knowledge.

How it works – experts

We invite all those who consider themselves experts in their chosen fields to join consultz. It’s free to join, and you can create a profile in minutes. Then simply list your skills, experience and expertise and wait for users to contact you with a question. Each time you provide an answer, you receive a payment.

How it works – users

Users simply pay a one-off fee to contact an expert. They can also purchase a set number of credits in advance – this lowers the cost of each interaction. It’s also useful if someone wants to ask more than one expert the same questions – sometimes, a second or third opinion can be invaluable for helping make up your mind.

Why choose Consultz

Transparent pricing

Users pay experts for each video consultation, with Consultz receiving a set percentage.

Expert-set rates

Experts get properly rewarded, while users get to choose experts and rates to suit them.

Flexible packages

Choice of consultation lengths – 15, 30 or 45 minutes, with options to extend if both parties agree.

No fees

There are no membership or sign-up fees for anyone – users just pay for their consultations.

Intuitive to use

Social media-based set-up makes it easy for all to use, as well as promote and share.


All video consultations are one-to-one, which means you get that vital human touch.