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August 25, 2023

25th August 2023 - London, United Kingdom - Wealth Dragons Group PLC (“Wealth Dragons” or “the Company”) (VIE: WDG) (ISIN: GB00BGMGZR93)  

Trading Performance:

The global markets have encountered unique circumstances this year, drawing on the resilience and adaptability of companies worldwide. Through these moments, Wealth Dragons remains unwavering in its confidence and commitment to its vision. The current volatility in our share price does not, in management's opinion, reflect the ongoing performance and potential of the company.

We believe that the current market trends are temporary, and our company's value and potential go beyond mere numbers.

Company Updates:

- Revitalizing Opportunities: We're thrilled to reintroduce “Portfolio Builder,” Vincent Wong’s distinguished property training system. This not only exemplifies our commitment to education but is also set to bolster our revenue streams significantly.

- A Leap Forward with “Consultz”: Our latest platform, scheduled for a soft launch in Q4 2023/Q1 2024, has successfully completed its development phase. As we transition into user testing, plans for our exciting pre-launch campaign are underway. We are aiming to curate a community of standout experts. With the APP's approval from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, we are on track to deliver something extraordinary. Stay tuned for more updates!

Financial Reports:

In our pursuit of transparency and integrity, we are committed to filing our accounts (2021) by 16th October 2023. We are delighted to welcome aboard our new CFO, Sajit Sahadevan, succeeding Angus Rose. Sajit comes to Wealth Dragons with a broad range of experience and combines his CFO role, with those of head of Finance for Alquity Investment Management and as Financial Controller of Thames Power Services. His acumen, experience and in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance will be a considerable asset to the group as we grow.

With his wealth of experience, Sajit’s expertise promises to be invaluable, guiding Wealth Dragons’ financial trajectory towards new horizons.

John Lee Update:

The previously mentioned investigation from December 2022 has been concluded. We assure our stakeholders that the matter will be handled with the utmost respect for legal protocols. While the matter is addressed, John Lee remains listed as a director and his employment suspension remains in place. Updates will be provided as we move forward.

About Wealth Dragons

Wealth Dragons is a global financial education and entrepreneurship training company that provides individuals with the knowledge and tools to achieve financial freedom. Founded in 2009, the company has helped thousands of people around the world to create wealth through its range of educational products and services.

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