‍Wealth Dragons Group PLC Update on Vienna Stock Exchange Listing




June 10, 2024

London, United Kingdom - June 10, 2024 - Wealth Dragons Group PLC (“Wealth Dragons” or “the Company”) (VIE: WDG) (ISIN: GB00BGMGZR93) issues an update on the listing of Wealth Dragons Group PLC on the Direct Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Wealth Dragons Group PLC today announced its decision to voluntarily delist from the Vienna Stock Exchange. After careful consideration, discussions with the board and advisors, the Company has chosen to pursue delisting due to the previously announced ongoing disputes and potential litigation against John Lee. This decision also follows feedback from investors concerning market access and the stock's trading convenience.

The Company intends to seek relisting on another European exchange with a revised structure in 2025, aiming to enhance liquidity and market accessibility following the resolution of the issues with John Lee. Shareholders can be assured that all existing Wealth Dragons Group PLC stock will remain valid and secure, and will be accounted for in the new listing. The relisting will involve setting a new stock price, taking into account the company's status, asset value, and potential, to provide enhanced value for shareholders and ensure the company's stable management following resolution of the the ongoing situation with John Lee.

In the midst of this significant restructuring, Wealth Dragons Group PLC continues to make significant progress with the Consultz app. The app has entered the second phase of BETA testing and is scheduled for a public launch later this year. The Consultz app, designed as a platform for experts to monetise their knowledge through online video consultations, holds substantial potential to elevate the fortunes and prospects of both Wealth Dragons Group PLC and its investors. The Company remains enthusiastic about the future of Consultz and that of Wealth Dragons.

“We sincerely thank our investors for their patience during this period and for their unwavering support. The decision to delist from the Vienna exchange and pursue relisting on a new European exchange is aimed at establishing a solid foundation for the restructuring and offering greater stability for our current investors during this transitional phase. Despite the delisting process, we remain committed to our exciting new projects and ventures, alongside our existing core business, and we are eagerly anticipating the upcoming launch of Consultz,” 

- Vincent Wong, CEO of Wealth Dragons Group PLC.

About Wealth Dragons Group PLC

Founded in 2009 Wealth Dragons, spent ten years building their business with live events globally. In 2019 the company was listed on the  Direct Market of Vienna Stock exchange. The company has already invested £4 Million in the development and promotion of its digital platforms, expanding access and opportunity to self-education resources for everyone. 

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