Wealth Dragons Group PLC Provoides Investor Update on “iMentors” App Launch Date and Outlines Marketing Campaign 




September 20, 2022

LONDON, September 20, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Wealth Dragons PLC ("Wealth Dragons", "WDG"  (ISIN: GB00BGMGZR93)  ),  leader in virtual training events, authoring international best-selling books  provides investors with its “iMentors” app update and forecasts new app acceleration marketing guideline.

iMentors is the world’s first audio-based social media app that offers 1:1 interactions between mentors and mentees on a pay-per-question and subscription basis. Unlike its competitors iMentors the only audio-based app in this category that allows participants to monetize instantly.

Management is targeting Q1 2023 to launch “Mentors with an extensive marketing campaign through its online marketing division and planned seminars.

iMentors” already boasts an organic database of over 300,000 prospects waiting for the official  launch, and a global social reach of over 1,000,000 followers, providing a fantastic route to market and a valuable prospective user pool.” – Vincent Wong  CEO Wealth Dragons

“iMentors is an audio-chat-based app that lets users connect directly to their selected mentors who can provide conversations and discussions on a wide variety of topics on a pay-per-question or subscription basis. Content is created as you go, without the need for expensive camera setup or technical skills, everyone can create content as an “iMentor”.

However, while other online learning tools allows content creators to gain exposure, there’s no revenue model, so no one is making any money directly through the app. This is where “iMentors” is much better poised for accelerated growth through its method of monetization of the pay-as-you learn & engage model.

Company Market Segment Prognosis

COVID, lockdown and the rise of new technology have fundamentally changed the way

people seek information and obtain education, with almost everything now available online.

The e-learning sector covers everything from academic learning and corporate training to podcasts and other audio content. According to a 2022 Global Market Insights report, in 2021, it was worth over $315 billion in 2021; By 2028, it’s predicted to be reach a trillion US dollars.*

The “iMentors” app has already undergone extensive development and testing. Wealth Dragons Group Plc, is currently arranging investment facilitation for the launch of iMentors in Q1 2023 

About Wealth Dragons

Wealth Dragons is a UK-based self-help company co-founded in 2009 by Vincent Wong.

With their live and virtual training events, best-selling books, and social media presence, the

company reaches over one million people worldwide.

Wealth Dragons Group PLC is listed on the Direct market of the Vienna Stock Exchange. [VIE:WDG]

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