The Upcoming Launch of iMentors




September 29, 2021

Press Release:  29 September 2021

Successful Self-Education company Wealth Dragons Group announces the launch of iMentors, an app that brings easy access to expert mentorship. With iMentors, leading specialists in their domain can be instantly accessed for advice, information and skills.

This is the latest step in the journey of the Wealth Dragons Group to promote and cultivate self-development and self-improvement. iMentors is an efficient way of connecting expert minds, with individuals looking to self-improve.

iMentors is built by founders with success stories in training programs. Vincent Wong and John Lee have coaching backgrounds in property investing, business entrepreneurship, online trading and public speaking.

Apps like Clubhouse and platforms like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more have changed the way we access our daily needs. iMentors fills the gap for bringing mentorship to the market in an accessible way. iMentors pairs mentors and specialists within their fields, with individuals who need personalised advice.

Search engines have made general knowledge readily available but reading through information may be overwhelming if we have a specific need. Finding mentors can be easy but accessing them for personalised advice is challenging and expensive. iMentors changes that. This is also a unique opportunity for the mentors themselves, who now have a platform to sell and exchange their skills and specialisms.iMentors will offer people the tools and skills they always wanted, but never had the opportunity to develop at school or university. Areas spanning business, entrepreneurship, wealth, health and even spirituality can be tapped from the iMentors network.

The iMentors app is expected to launch in 2022, with a waiting list now open:

For further information, contact:

Wealth Dragons Group PLC

Scorpio House, Linford Wood Business Park

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