SHU Listing News July 19 Revised




August 21, 2019

SHU Listing News July 19 Revised

21st August 2019

Announcement: Vienna Listing – Wealth Dragons Group PLC

I am pleased to advise shareholders that Wealth Dragons Group PLC Ordinary Shares are now listed on the Direct Market operated by the Wiener Borse, Vienna.

This has been a very lengthy process in getting the company listed and we are very grateful to you, our shareholders for your patience and support for the company.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our staff for their dedication and commitment to the company which has enabled us to achieve our goal of a listing as we look forward to the next stage of our development as a company.

Below is some information for shareholders in the form of questions and answers which may be useful:

1. Where can I see the price of Wealth Dragons Group PLC shares?

The Wealth Dragons Group PLC share price can be seen by going to and looking under Market Data/Shares and others/Direct Market/Wealth Dragons Group PLC. Alternatively, you can look under the Companies List or New Listings.

The ISIN for the shares is: GB00BGMGZR93

2. How can I sell any of my shares?

Should shareholders wish to sell any of their shares you will need to be registered with a broker who will trade on the Vienna Exchange. There are a number of European Brokers listed on the Exchange website. You will need to go through the usual compliance procedures when registering with a broker.

3. How can I buy more shares?

Shares can be bought in the market through any broker connected directly or indirectly with the Vienna Exchange. you can use the link below:

In the Domestic/Foreign drop down box, select Foreign Members.

4. How are the shares traded?

The shares are traded in Euros, initially on an auction matched bargain basis on the Direct Market. In due course we will move to the Direct Market Plus where the shares will be listed on a continuous price basis. When this occurs, we will write to you accordingly.

5. Do my shares qualify for EIS relief?

UK Shareholders who qualify and are eligible for EIS tax relief should note that they are required to keep their shares for the full three year period from allotment to receive the benefit of the relief. If you dispose of your shares within this period you will lose your benefit to any tax relief. Shareholders should be mindful that share values can go down as well as up and investors may get back less than their original investment.

All company releases for shareholders will be published on the group website at

Andrew Beaumont

- Chairman, Wealth Dragons Group PLC