iMentors' News Update




October 26, 2021

Following iMentors initial announcement last month, the Wealth Dragons Group reveal more about the self-development app. This update gives readers a glimpse of the true ‘on demand’ access to expert advice.

iMentors is an efficient way of connecting expert minds with individuals looking to self-improve. The app offers instant access to the world’s leading experts, a great tool for self-development and self-fulfillment. The founders behind the venture, Vincent Wong and John Lee, now reveal more details on what makes iMentors a genuine ‘on demand’ service.

In a world where customers expect everything instantly, iMentors is designed to be quick and easy for its users. Users will simply ask their question over text or voice message and a world leading expert will reply with a personalised voice message response. The advice will be tailored to the users’ needs, available at anytime, anywhere.

For both the users and mentors, there’s no need to schedule a call, or join a talk at an allotted time. Unlimited questions and answers are provided directly, from mentee to mentor. Often the questions from users can be complex and require more than one answer. It’s this level of fluidity that ensures users get a full and personalised response to their queries.

iMentors is also a unique opportunity for experts from around the world. They can securely and conveniently monetize their knowledge. Mentors will receive an income from mentees’ monthly subscriptions. It’s a community that works for both the mentee and the mentor. This is far easier than building a website, curating a profile and bringing in students from their individual networks.

This allows mentors to build their iMentors income around their busy schedules or main profession. iMentors will offer people the tools and skills they always wanted, but never had the opportunity to develop at school or university. Areas spanning business, entrepreneurship, wealth, health and even spirituality can be tapped from the iMentors network.

The iMentors app is expected to launch in 2022, with a waiting list now open: