Group CEO Positions iMentors as the World's First Paid Social Media App to Connect Mentors and Mentees."




December 24, 2022

Wealth Dragons Group Plc's CEO Vincent Wong is leading his team to prepare iMentors' launch in 2023 with new features that puts iMentors at the forefront of social media that allow users to follow their favourite mentors and gain direct access to them through paid video consultations. 

According to Forbes Magazine, the e-learning will hit US$325billion by 2025. The issue with traditional e-learning courses is that it is cumbersome for both the content provider to create courses and the end users to consume. "No one wants to sit through hours of videos in order to learn something. Instant gratification is the new trend" Said Wong. 

Clubhouse, launched in March 2020, allows people to join “discussion rooms’ based on different topics. The problem with Clubhouse remains that participants do not always get to ask their questions and the experts on the panels do not get paid. Yet, this app with zero revenue is currently estimated to be worth a staggering $US4billion (Crunchbase). 

iMentors is based on "follow, trust and then business". Users can follow their favourite mentors, develop an online trust before paying for their time and expertise through the in-app video-conferencing. The app provides freedom for mentors to earn an extra income in any place at any time without content creation. Getting followers is free and this eliminates the need for mentors to spend hefty budgets on advertising as they do on traditional e-learning platforms such as Udemy and Kajabi. 

iMentors is expected to launch in 2023.