Consultz APP testing enters final phase: Expert onboarding and testing set the stage for launch in early 2024




December 5, 2023

4th December  2023 - London, United Kingdom - Wealth Dragons Group PLC(“Wealth Dragons” or “the Company”) (VIE: WDG) (ISIN: GB00BGMGZR93)  

As we eagerly step into the final month of 2023, Wealth Dragons are thrilled to provide an exciting update on the forthcoming launch of Consultz, the groundbreaking social media application set to revolutionize the way we connect with experts and access valuable insights. The Consultz APP, scheduled for a grand launch in early 2024, is poised to redefine online consultancy and advisory services, promising a transformative experience for both experts and users.

In the past quarter, the development of Consultz has surged forward with incredible momentum. Rigorous testing on both iOS and Android platforms has been successfully conducted, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience. The upcoming phase involves the invitation of our first 50 experts to partake in broader user testing. This crucial step allows real experts and users to put Consultz through its paces, guaranteeing that when it officially launches, it will be a fully functional and dynamic platform.

Vincent Wong, CEO of Wealth Dragons Group PLC, expressed his enthusiasm for this pivotal moment, stating, "We are incredibly excited to reach the next phase in our roll-out plan. It is a huge milestone and achievement to start onboarding experts and users, and marks the final stage before our full launch. 2024 promises to be a big year for Consultz."

The Consultz APP, with its innovative monetisation model, is set to directly generate income for experts while providing users with expert advice precisely when they need it. The vision behind Consultz aligns seamlessly with Wealth Dragons' commitment to empowering individuals with access to information, knowledge, and training.

As we look ahead to the launch of Consultz in early 2024, the excitement is palpable. The Consultz APP is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for change, a platform where expertise meets opportunity. With the promise of direct income for experts and on-demand access to valuable advice for users, Consultz is poised to redefine the landscape of online advisory services.

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