Angus Rose becomes new CFO at Wealth Dragons as John Foster Powell retires.




April 12, 2023

12th April 2023 - London, United Kingdom - Wealth Dragons Group PLC (“Wealth Dragons” or “the Company”) (VIE: WDG) (ISIN: GB00BGMGZR93)  

After looking after the financial side of Wealth Dragons for several years, Chief Finance Officer (CFO) John Foster-Powell has decided to take well-earned retirement.

His replacement as CFO of this pioneering education, e-learning, and entrepreneurship training company will be Angus Rose.

Angus’s career includes leading auditing and management roles at well-known names such as Deloitte, Morgan Guaranty Trust and Grant Thornton. He also spent over 20 years at Charterhouse Bank, Charterhouse Group and Charterhouse Securities, including Finance and Operations Director at the last-named for nearly a decade.

Over the last 20 years, Angus has advised numerous financial sector clients in a freelance capacity, and has also taken on director roles at Herald Investment Management and MacArthur & Co.

At Wealth Dragons, Angus will be responsible for all areas of finance and compliance, as well as taking an advisory role in business plan development and operations. That includes the forthcoming launch of Consultz, the pioneering app created by Wealth Dragons that matches those seeking information with experts who are able to provide it. 

“I’m very much looking forward to working with Vince and his team,” commented Angus, “especially at such an exciting time with Consultz coming to fruition.”

“We’re delighted to have secured such an experienced professional as Angus,” said Vincent Wong, Co-Founder and CEO of Wealth Dragons. “As well as ensuring the continued smooth running of the company, Angus will be advising on the development of Consultz – its day-one monetisation model is a key part of its appeal.”

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