Fuelling the future in self-education



Founded in 2009, Wealth Dragons is a leading player in the self-education market.

We’ve hosted over 800 events in Europe and Asia reaching more than 1,000,000 people.

Now we’re ready to take a giant step further. The biggest opportunity in education is e-learning, with the sector worth over $315 billion in 2021, and forecast to be worth $1,000 billion by 2028.*

That’s why we’re investing in new digital e-learning platforms – to take advantage of this growing market, but also to help shape it. With our help, it will be simpler than ever to learn. For coaches, trainers and mentors, it will be easier to change lives and transform your own. And for investors too, this could prove a valuable opportunity.

*Source: Global Market Insights report, April 2022

Connecting those looking for personalised advice with specialists ready to provide it.

This platform will connect specialists in their fields with users who seek personalised answers directly and quickly. Users will be able to ask anything, paying the expert of their choice for a short in-app video call.


Wealth Dragons has hosted over 800 events, reaching more than 1,000,000 people. Covering entrepreneurship, property, finance and other subjects, nowadays our live events are held online – book your place now.


The Wealth Dragons founders have published a range of best-selling books on property, business and wealth creation. Find out more about their secrets to success and buy your copies now.


Our Timeline


Wealth Dragons was founded


A year of experience as Wealth Dragons embarked on their world tour as keynote speakers


A period of growth where the event size grew to thousands of attendees


A period of preparing for an IPO listing


A significant milestone when Wealth Dragons Group Plc became listed on Vienna Stock Exchange


A year of survival and transforming from an event company to a 100% e-learning company


The group became profitable for the first
time in its history


Optimistic outlook as recovery continues, with the imminent launch of the iMentors app and relaunch of Membby

in Wealth Dragons

Self-education is a growing market, with e-learning in particular set to accelerate over the next few years.

With our extensive pedigree and investment in transformative e-learning platforms, Wealth Dragons could prove an attractive investment – and shares are now available to buy.